Wind Music

A list of compositions and arrangements for wind orchestra, fanfare orchestra and brassband with some Youtube links.

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Busoni’s Garden

Plea for a new concept of contemporary music

The way the general view of contemporary ‘serious’ music relates to everyday reality is awkward, to say the least. On the one hand, we are told that those more or less contemporary composers of so-called ‘serious’ music, who are considered great composers, have – as it were – taken over the torch from their illustrious predecessors from the past, on the other hand the interest in their music is most limited. According to Ed de Boer, this phenomenon is related to the current concept of contemporary art in general, a concept that, in his view, sprouts from the 19th century concept of progress. Continue reading

Bubbles, the movie

Watch Bubbles, the movie

In this movie I tell the story of the composition ‘Bubbles’. A number of Dutch music experts considered this piece to be of a high compositorical quality. Essentially, though, it was child’s play…

The article … Continue reading