Flevoland Suite, Op. 12

I Inleiding (Introduction)
II Beweging (Movement)
III Harderbroek
IV Het Morris Observatorium (The Morris Observatory)
V De Vogelweg (The Bird Road)
VI Kavel JZ-20 (Piece of Land JZ-20)
VII Finale:
1. Naar buiten (In the Country) –
2. Rondvlucht (Aerial Tour) –
3. Nachtwake (Vigil) –
4. Zonsopgang (Sunrise)

      Commissioned by the municipalities of Lelystad and Almere
      First performance: 26 May 1990, De Kubus, Lelystad
      Dutch Radio Chamber Orchestra conducted by Roland KieftDedicated to Kees Maaswinkel

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