Cantica Aviditatis (Songs of Greed) Op. 48

Texts compiled from the Carmina Burana

Prima Pars: Nummus Imperator Mundi (First Part: The Mammon, Emperor of the World)
I Nummus Regnat Ubique (The Mammon Reigns Everywhere)
II Ex Evangelii Secundum Marcus Argenti (From the Gospel According to Marc Silver) Attacca:
III Supplicium (Supplication)
IV Hymnus ad Beneficii Auctorem (Hymn to a Benefactor)
V Dare – Tenere (Give – Keep)
VI Vox Nummi (The Sound of Money)

Secunda Pars: In Nomine Decii (Second Part: In the Name of Decius)
VII Hiemali Tempore (During the Wintertime)
VIII Ve, Decie! (Alas, Decius!) Attacca:
IX Ex Officii Lusorum (From the GamblersÂ’ Mass)

Tertia Pars: De Rerum Cursu (Third Part: The Course of Time)

Part I:

Part II and III:

part IV:

part V:

part VI:

part VII:

part VIII:

part IX:

part X:

part XI and XII:

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